Finally a Good Espresso Machine

espresso machinesIts been a month since I have bought this machine. I have not worked every coffee making device out there but I have operated and tasted many. I had just lost my Delonghi magnifica super automatic machine after seven years of use. It was a pretty good machine for being a super automatic. But I have craved to get a real good espresso machine and do a proper cappuccino. I have used french presses, Vietnamese phins, drip, siphon, and single serve keurigs. Being in the Pacific NW you would except awesome cafe’s everywhere, and you would be wrong. To get a good barista that knows what they are doing, is slim to none. So with the exit of my super auto, I shopped for a good one. I kept coming back to the breville. Only knocks it was really getting was that Breville was Australian and new to the game. I took the plunge and bought it, and I do not regret it.

After my full automatic served me for lots of years I wanted to go back to a more manual system that would give me more control over the process and give me the possibility to make latte art. This machine does it all and I love it. Every step in the process of making cappuccino is programmable/adjustable and with the pressure meter you can see instantly when you’re on the spot. The steamer is powerful enough to froth your milk in no time. I only had one incident in the first week of using it. The grinder gave a loud clunk at the end of grinding and after that I had to re-adjust the settings to a coarser setting. Than it worked fine again. I cleaned the grinder but couldn’t see anything wrong.

The quality of the cappuccino is great, much better compared to that of the famous coffee chains. All in all, I love this machine although I’m a little concerned about the longevity.

After four months, I am a very satisfied customer. I’ve had no issues that couldn’t be solved by reading the handy trouble-shooting guide. I highly recommend this machine for the novice barista is you are willing to invest in practice and a little sleuthing to make a perfect cappuccino! I looked at many machines and read many espresso maker reviews before buying, and in the end, this was definitely the right choice for me.

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