I don’t have to skip my precious yoga time when travelling


I started doing yoga 9 years ago while in high school and I have never looked back. For me, yoga is one of the practices that have made me the person I am today. I enjoy great peace of mind, a strong and flexible body, comfortable body weight, good health and a glowing beautiful skin- thanks to yoga. Life always finds a way to make me frustrated almost daily- yoga helps me relax and also brings my sanity back. As a marketer and life coach, am always running on a very tight schedule, but my yoga time is sacred.

The nature of my jobs requires that I travel a lot from one city to another depending on my schedule. Specifically, I go out of town twice or thrice in a week. As stated earlier, my yoga time is very sacred and wouldn’t forego it for anything and when this happens, I find time in the course of the day or night to do yoga even when I am not in my house. In the midst of all these, there is one thing I never leave behind; my yoga mat. It comes in extremely handy in terms of offering comfort and great stability. Eventually, I had problems dragging along my thick yoga mat everywhere because it’s not as lightweight and packable as I would have wanted.

After making several trips and realizing I was torturing myself, I decided to buy a travel yoga mat. I didn’t know exactly what to buy, but even before I started reading the best yoga mat reviews, I already knew the kind of features I wanted in a mat. My travel mat was to be durable, sticky enough and most importantly, lightweight and packable. The fact that I knew what I wanted in a travel made it very easy for me to find a suitable one. If you are planning to take yoga practice on the road do yourself a favor of finding the right travel mat.

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