My coffee grinder did a perfect job!

The least expensive “real” burr grinder. Bought a $45 “disk” burr grinder only to find out the motor spins so fast it may as well be a blade grinder. Friction burns make for nasty smells and taste and no matter how fine the setting it will not make the powdery espresso that produces crema. I loved how this product had a description of all their coffee grinder models and this low and slow model does a perfect job of grinding. It helped me understand why the other grinders fail so bad.

best coffee grinder

I use this on the second finest setting which works fine with my espresso machine but others have recommended a coarser grind. I’ve allays gone as fine as I can without plugging the machine or getting grounds through the filter. No dust with this grinder, I would NEVER buy one that creates dust. Defiantly read all instructions as it has to fit together a particular way to not break itself.

P.S. I also had a $300 Gaggia disk grinder that worked fine, just had some gimmicky features that only work with other Gaggia appliances. You can tell by the motor pitch that the secret to evenly ground coffee is a low RPM motor, not the type of burr. However conical burrs are considered superior and are more likely to have better motors. I had a $20 hand crank model that worked fine but took forever to make enough for a shot.

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